Annual financial statements

For all common tax types we prepare the tax returns and handle the correspondence with the tax authorities.

Tax returns

We advise you on all tax issues, including conversions and accompany you in tax field audits. If necessary, we file an objection or conduct a lawsuit before the fiscal court.

Financial accounting

In addition to the usual financial accounting, we can also offer you a cost-approach based accounting.

Payroll accounting

Regardless of whether you’re a classic employee, hourly wage earner, mini jobber, retiree or student, we count on everyone.

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Continuous training

We educate ourselves constantly and in all relevant areas. For new judgments, we inform our clients if they are affected.

Four eyes principle

If you have a tax question, you will not receive a multi-page report with two signatures, but an answer. We do not have large hierarchies, so we can coordinate internally and come back to you at short notice. We apply a “four eyes principle”, with our work results have dealt at least two people.

Up to date

We are a member of a network with other tax advisors, in which ongoing tax field audits are evaluated. With this approach, we can be sure that we always know exactly what the tax authorities are looking for during audits.


We can provide you with fully electronic communication as required, with which you will only receive documents (especially your tax assessment letters) scanned. We make the filing for you.

Call us

Our office can be reached by phone throughout the day – that is what our clients praise again and again. If your desired conversation partner is currently prevented, we call back shortly.


We enjoy networking our clients with each other. Whether you are looking for a sensible lawyer, new employees or just a golf partner – in many cases, valuable contacts have already been established within our client base.


We are located in the heart of Berlin, in the middle of the Kurfürstendamm. You can reach us well from all directions.

We invite you

If you are interested in our activities, we would like to invite you to an introductory talk.

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