Annual financial statements, tax returns, ...

Our clients come from a wide variety of industries, with a focus on internet companies and real estate companies.

For all common tax types (in particular income tax, corporation tax, trade tax, value added tax and inheritance tax) we prepare the tax returns and handle the correspondence with the tax authorities. For international companies, we can prepare all German VAT returns and notifications.

We advise you on all tax issues, including conversions and accompany you in tax field audits. If necessary, we file an objection or conduct a lawsuit before the fiscal court.

The ideal client is a medium-sized GmbH with up to 100 employees and headquarters in or near Berlin. But also freelancers and other self-employed count numerous to our clients. In particular, lawyers in all legal forms and medical professions form a focal point here.

For start-up companies, we can take over all necessary founding formalities, in particular the registration of the trade at the tax authorities and at the health insurances.

Financial accounting

In addition to the usual financial accounting, we can also offer you a cost-approach based accounting. We will discuss the evaluations that are meaningful for you individually with you and make them available as required (also digitally or as an “open” file) on a monthly basis.

All evaluations can also be obtained in English.

Payroll accounting

Regardless of whether you’re a classic employee, hourly wage earner, mini jobber, retiree or student, we count on everyone. All social security and tax notifications are of course included.

What we do not do

  • Tax advice for gastronomic businesses
  • Care of non-profit companies
  • Consultation on taxes abroad
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